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The Tripoli Internet Database/, launched on June 9, 1997, acknowledges Prof. Omar Tadmori for the invaluable historical information he offered exclusively to the database and to whom this web site is dedicated. Our thanks are also extended to Dr. Khaled Tadmori for allowing us to access his private photo-library. Thanks are also due to Mr. Bachir Ghalayini for hosting this site. We are also indebted to several thousands of the web site visitors for their useful contributions and to the local media for their extensive coverage.

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Please send your comments, suggestions, or contributions to: Dr. Ghazi Omar Tadmouri.

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Meshwar (A Trip)
(Tripoli in Ramadhan 1425 H.)

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Spirit Busters
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The Tripoli Internet Database/ is proud to have collaborated with:

  1. The Archnet/Agha Khan Program for Islamic Architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University
  2. The Committee for Environmental Guidance (Lebanon)
  3. The Daily Star Lebanon
  4. The Islamic Awqaf Directorate of Tripoli
  5. The Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation Satellite Television (LBC Sat)
  6. LibanVision
  7. The Municipality of Tripoli
  8. The National Imagery and Mapping Agency (Bethesda, Maryland)
  9. Pinpoint for Mobile Application Platforms
  10. Radio Monte Carlo - Moyen Orient a radio station of Radio France International
  11. The Salzburger Festspiele 2000 (Austria)
  12. The Scientific Committee for the Development of ElMina (Lebanon)
  13. The Saudi Aramco World Magazine