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10 November 2009
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Tell District - Tripoli Lebanon (early 20th Century)

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A 2 storey horse-powered chariot passing by Tell square in Tripoli: Photograph from the Archive of Sultan AbdulHameed II (1910)

The Tell Square and the Old Saray on the Day of the French occupation (1920).

Protests against the French occupation in the Tell district. On the right side of the photo is the former al-Ilmiyyah School, that was used later on as a police station. This building was demolished and instead, the Dar al-Tarbiyah wal-Ta'lim al-Islamiyah School was built (1920s).

Protests against the French occupation in the Tell district (1920s).

A rare aerial photo of the Tell Clocktower and the Menshiyeh Park (1936). From the archives of the French Institute of archeology (Beirut, Lebanon).

Prime Minister Riadh AlSolh in a visit to Tripoli at the first half of the 20th Century.

The Tell Clocktower and the Saray Building (on the left side). The building was demolished sometime later because of ignorance (1950s).

The Tell Square. Note the chicken at the middle of the street, careless about the traffic! (1950s).

Right: The Tell Cloktower. Background: Nawfal Palace. Front: Tell Pool (1950s).

The Tell Cloktower and the Menshiyeh Park (1950s).

The Tell District. Note the traffic police at the left side of the picture. At the center is the municipality building (1950s).

Another view of the above perspective (1950s).

A rare aerial view of the Tell District and old Tripoli (behind). In this photo several important monuments and locations can be clearly observed: The Nawfal Palace (Bottom right), The Menshiyeh Park (Center), The Tell Clocktower (Center right), The Old Seray Building (Center far right), the municipal square (center left), the old municipal palace (center far left), The Tripoli Citadel (up), the Cedars mountains (further up in the background; 1950s).

The Tell Clocktower (1950s).

From center to left: The Tell Clocktower, The Menshiyeh Park, and Nawfal Palace (1960s).

The Tell District. On the right side of the photo is the Nawfal Palace. Photo taken from the Tell Clocktower (1960s).

The Tell Clocktower as seen from the Masaref (Banks) Street (1960s).

The Tell District. The street extending to Saray el-Ateekah (The Old Seray; 1960s).

The Tell Square (1970s).

From right to left: The Tell Clocktower, The Menshiyeh Park, and the Darak (Police) Building (1970s).

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